emergeSAFE Pty Ltd prides ourselves on providing relavant consulting advice and dedicated industry professionals to assist with your overall OHS and EM strategy.
We are committed to work with our clients in offering experience and expertise in order to provide direction, support and assistance to your business.


Through our customised approach, emergeSAFE Pty Ltd propose a range of employment mediums determined by our clients specific needs and requirements, including contract, temp - perm and permanent recruitement as well as outsourced solutions, HR and Talent Management.



Our team of industry expert consultants and advisors are able to assist  businesses to minimise workplace risk, or place suitably qualified professionals within your company so that you are able to maintain focus on your business's core competencies and deliverables.



 Through our training courses, we can safeguard your workforce and equip each employee with basic qualifications such as Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire Warden / Area Warden, Basic First Aid, Drug and Alcohol awareness, Manual handling and Ergonomics for the office, as well as Fatigue Management awareness in the workplace etc